How can options help to protect your wealth?

Learn how to Protect your Portfolio

Trading options can be an effective way to protect your portfolio, just like buying an insurance policy to protect your house or car. If you are concerned that the market might fall, but you don’t want to sell your stocks for any reason (for example, because they provide a good dividend income, or you don’t want to crystallise a capital gain), then buying put options either on a broad market index or on some of your specific stock holdings can be prudent way to limit your downside risk.

Ways to Protect your Portfolio

At OptionsDesk we have created a wide array of articles in the Resources Hub that can be used to learn more about Options, how to trade them and how they can be beneficial to you. We strongly recommend checking out our Introduction to Options section if you are just starting out, this will give you an understanding of how options work and what style of Options trading suits you.

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