Markets Week Ahead

This page shows week ahead market events impacting both US and UK financial markets.

US Markets Week Ahead:

The following key government and central bank announcements, economic indicators and corporate releases are likely to affect US equities and stock indices in the week ahead:


Macro Events:

  • Consumer Price Index MoM/YoY WED 12/06/2024 
  • Fed Interest Rate Decision WED 12/06/2024 
  • FOMC Press Conference WED 12/06/2024 
  • Initial Jobless Claims THURS 13/06/2024 
  • PPI THURS 13/06/2024 
  • Feds Willams Speech THURS 13/06/2024 
  • Feds Goolsbee Speech FRI 14/06/2024


  • Game Stop (GME) TUES 11/06/2024 
  • Adobe (ADBE) THURS 13/06/2024 

FTSE Week Ahead:

Movements in the FTSE 100 Index, a key indicator of the UK’s stock market performance, will likely respond to the following developments and corporate news. This section provides a detailed analysis of what is likely to affect the FTSE. Check back regularly to see which events will influence movements in the FTSE in the week ahead.

Macro Events:

  • Employment Change TUES 11/06/2024 
  • ILO Unemployment rate TUES 11/06/2024 
  • GDP WED 12/06/2024 
  • Industrial Production WED 12/06/2024


  • Virgin Money (VMUK) THURS 13/06/2024 
  • First Group (FGP) THURS 13/06/2024 

Why is it important to keep up with the week ahead?

In the ever-changing landscape of financial markets, staying abreast of upcoming events and trends is not just beneficial—it’s essential. This section outlines why keeping informed about the week ahead is crucial for anyone engaged in the financial markets, whether they are seasoned investors, traders, or market enthusiasts.


1. Anticipating Market Movements

Understanding: being aware of potential market movements before they happen gives investors a significant advantage.

Proactive vs. reactive: being informed about upcoming events allows for proactive strategy adjustments, rather than reactive moves in response to unexpected market changes.

Risk mitigation: knowledge of potential market-moving events helps in implementing risk management strategies, potentially reducing losses and capitalising on volatility.


2. Strategic Investment Decisions

Informed decisions are usually always better decisions:

Sector-specific impacts: different sectors react uniquely to various economic indicators and corporate news. By understanding the week ahead, investors can tailor their exposure to sectors likely to experience significant movement up or down.

Long-term vs short-term strategies: depending on the week’s outlook, investors might shift between long-term holdings and short-term trades to optimise returns; or look to hedge positions or take a more speculative approach with options.


3. Leveraging Economic Indicators

Economic reports and indicators are a goldmine of insightful data:

Predicting economic trends: indicators like GDP growth, employment data, and consumer spending can help predict broader economic trends influencing market direction.

Central bank policies: anticipating central bank decisions can be crucial, as these can dramatically affect currency values, interest rates, and overall market sentiment.


Conclusion: The Power of Information

In conclusion, understanding the week ahead is critical for anyone involved in financial markets. It enables better preparation, informed decision-making, and strategic planning; helping to navigate market complexities with greater confidence and insight.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

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