ID Picture Requirements

Follow these guidelines to help us accept your identity documents and process your application.

General Guidelines for ID Submission

  • Must be the full document page, fully visible and not cropped
  • For passports please only load the single biodata page, not the double page
  • The MRZ (the lines of text in the lower part of an ID document which has its owner’s personal data) & document numbers must be fully visible
  • The image needs to be in focus & fully visible
  • All lines of all data must be fully visible & in focus
ID card with sun ray

Common Failure Reasons


Glare or reflections on the document may block important information.

ID Picture card

Only show one page

We only need to capture the single page with all the bio information of your passport. Please do not include the upper page.

Blur4x ID Card


If the image is out of focus, the details will not be legible.

faded ID card

Bad Lighting

If the image is captured in poor lighting conditions, either too dark or too bright, it will be more difficult for all aspects of processing and will be rejected.

ID picture card 2

Skewed Images

If the capturing angle is extreme, the document extraction might not work as expected.

ID picture requirements - close up

No Cropping

Do not crop images as they may not contain all the necessary data for the process, especially regarding recognition and validation.

blury ID Picture card

Low Resolution

The recommended document image resolution is 1200X800 pixels.

ID picture card - close up

Multiple Documents in One Image

Having more than one piece of documentation in shot will make the ID scanner unable to process the image.

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